What Are The Most Common Car Problems?


Car problems are something vehicle owners must live with. These problems can affect any part of an automotive, including the engine, fuel system, ignition system, battery, charging system, starting system, cooling system, transmission, auto electrical system, entertainment devices, air conditioning and even the car body. And while car owners may be able to tackle some minor issues, majority of car problems are better left to the professional car mechanics.

Here’s some of the most common car problems:

1. Dead battery: The battery, which is the source of power for your car, is the most common cause of automotive electrical problems. Usually the problem is a dead battery, which may occur due to a faulty component or leaving the stereo or headlights on for an extended period of time. This car problem can be easily remedied via either a battery recharge or a jump-start. But if your car’s battery is too old or has suffered irreparable damage, you may need to visit a specialist shop dealing in car batteries in Christchurch to have it replaced.

2. Flat tyre: All of us have had a flat tyre. It occurs when you run over glass, jagged rock or any other sharp object. Because it’ll inevitably happen, you should ensure you always have a spare tyre and jack in your car.

3. Car ignition problems: if your automobile won’t start, check these two things – firstly, that your vehicle is not already in gear, secondly, that your car’s battery is not dead. If those are not the cause of the problem, then you will need to have your ignition system checked by a specialist dealing in vehicle ignition and car transponder in Christchurch.

4. Problems braking: Car brakes are prone to failure, and this is not a good thing given that they are the only thing that stands between you and a catastrophic accident. If you notice squeaking or grinding noise when you brake, you should have your braking system checked by an experienced mechanic, since it could be a sign of an impending problem.

5. Cracked windscreen: If you are a car owner, chances are that you’ve had a cracked windscreen or you’ve come across dozens of cars with this problem. It often starts small, but may become worse over time. Have it repaired before it ruins your life (in an accident).

6. Leaks: Oil, coolant and fuel leaks are common problems that affect most cars, regardless of the age. If you notice any puddle underneath your car, don’t ignore it. Have your car checked by a qualified mechanic.

7. Air conditioner not working: This common car problem may be due to: lack of refrigerant, or a leak in your car’s AC system.

8. Engine not starting: There are several reasons why your car’s engine won’t start, and these include: dead battery, faulty battery terminal cable connections, faulty spark plugs, problems with fuel supply to the engine, and more. This problem can be diagnosed and rectified by a specialist dealing with car batteries in Christchurch.

9. Engine overheating: The problem of engine overheating may arise if there’s inadequate coolant, faulty hoses or leaks, or a faulty radiator fan.

10. Noisy brakes: This common car problem is caused by loose or worn out brake pads. It could also occur if there’s brake dust inside the drum.

11. Uneven tyre wear: This is a common problem that occurs when the car’s tyres are not properly balanced and aligned.

12. Vehicle alarm problems: Car owners who attempt to install aftermarket alarms, or other hands-free gadgets, stereo systems, etc., often encounter complications that cause other car systems to fail. But, fortunately, these issues can be resolved through the use of expert services offered by a certified auto electrical in Christchurch.

13. Problems with oxygen sensor: The oxygen sensor, which is responsible for monitoring the amount of un-burned oxygen in the car’s exhaust and informing the car’s computer system when there’s either excessive or inadequate gas in the tank, is prone to malfunction – which may have a negative impact on a car’s performance.

14. Air flow sensor problems: The air flow sensor, which is responsible for measuring the amount of air delivered to the engine and determining the amount of fuel that should be supplied to it, may develop problems – particularly when the air filters are not replaced.

15. Problems with the coolant temperature switch: The coolant temperature sensor measures the exact temperature of the engine coolant, and is prone to problems – which can make it difficult for you to keep your engine cool. This problem, as well as other sensor issues, can be remedied easily with a tune-up by a qualified auto electrician in Christchurch.

16. Problems with fuel caps: Gas caps may become loose or go missing – which is a common problem. If this problem is left unaddressed, it can cost a lot of money in the form of reduced gas mileage.

17. Catalytic converter issues: The catalytic converter, which controls a car’s emission system, may fail when the fuel injector or spark plug develops problems. This problem can be diagnosed through electrical fault diagnostics by a trained auto electrician in Christchurch.

18: Problems with spark plugs: Spark plugs are some of the most important electrical components. They are responsible for igniting fuel in the engine cylinders. Faulty spark plugs can negatively affect your car’s gas mileage or cause damage to the catalytic converter – resulting in the need for an expensive replacement. Because of this, it’s important to have faulty spark plugs diagnosed and replaced by a qualified auto electrician in Christchurch.

19. Problems with exhaust gas re-circulation valve: The exhaust gas re-circulation valve, which re-circulates a portion of a vehicle’s exhaust through the engine, is often affected by problems. And it’s actually one of the leading causes of car failure.

20: Problems with intake manifold gasket: The intake manifold gasket is commonly affected by the problem of air leaks, which results in a lean or rich mixture that has a negative impact on a car’s engine performance, fuel economy and emissions.

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Top Tips for Working in the Auto Electrician Industry


Modern automobiles are becoming more complex every year, with computerised components being major contributors to the level of complexity needed in maintaining and fixing vehicles in New Zealand. Trained auto electricians are, and will continue to be, in high demand throughout the country.

Some automotive service organisations deal primarily with typical maintenance and repairs, while others focus on providing customised services for auto owners who want to personalise their vehicles.

Here are just some of the auto electrician services provided by businesses throughout NZ, including in Christchurch where there is a significant demand for auto electricians.

Car audio systems. While factory options are certainly better than in the past, they still don’t deliver the level of performance drivers want and expect from their vehicles. Cameras, Bluetooth headunits, as well as handsfree kits for cell phone users and sound systems are in demand. Technicians must know how to properly analyse and repair systems.

Security systems. Car owners frequently invest a great deal of money in their vehicles, and protecting that investment is important. In addition, vehicle insurers often offer discounts when approved anti-theft devices are installed. GPS tracking systems and keyless locking systems provide additional convenience and protection. Knowing how to install and repair these systems is now considered a must for auto electricians.

Keys and remotes. Car transponder keys are almost universally used today, and having to return to a dealership for replacements is generally costly. Christchurch companies like ProTect Auto are more convenient and less expensive than dealerships and provide quality products for car owners. When owners are having problems with a car transponder in Christchurch, prompt repairs or replacements are required to prevent being stranded. Electricians must always ready to help.

Diagnostics. Flashing dash warning lights are all too common, and determining the problems associated with those lights requires specialised tools. ProTect Auto experts also help drivers with these types of issues. Auto electricians must have the training and equipment to properly diagnose fault codes.

Batteries and other services. Often times, car owners will require battery replacements and other similar services. Car electricians routinely replace car batteries in Christchurch to ensure clients’ vehicles will start and operate reliably.

There are other needs filled by auto electricians every day, and top technicians are trained and equipped to meet those needs. When you need any auto electrical work in Christchurch don’t hesitate to call Protect Auto (www.protectauto.co.nz) and their fully trained and experienced staff can solve any auto electrical problem your vehicle may have!

Easy Ways to Keep Your Car in Good Condition for Longer


Christchurch is the largest city of the South Island in New Zealand. The residents of Christchurch can certainly be said to be auto lovers and having a car makes it a lot easier to explore the beautiful Canterbury surroundings and road trip to locations further afield. If you have a car or you are planning to buy one, either used or new, it is always good to ensure it is maintained regularly because proper maintenance and servicing determines how long your car will be in good condition.

Prevention is better than cure; especially when it comes to extensive, costly repairs.Here are some useful tips from ProTech Auto in Christchurch that will definitely keep your car in good condition for an extended period of time.


Regular maintenance and schedules

When you purchase a new car, you may be tempted to think that you don’t need to have regular service or maintenance schedules. Many people tend to wait until the dashboard gives a warning indicator or light. Some even ignore the warning provided the car is running as usual and not making noise.

The best thing is to have your car serviced regularly as indicated in the manufacturer’s manual, say after every six months or covering 5000 miles. Also, be sure to have it serviced immediately whenever you see any warning. Regular maintenance and servicing will extend the life of your car significantly.

For instance, changing fluids in your car removes dirt and debris that clog parts of the engine. Moreover, it gives auto technicians in Christchurch a chance to alert you should they see a potential problem that needs to be addressed. This way, you will proactively have taken care of your car. You will even save money because you will have eliminated the expenses of major repairs.

Transmission check-ups

Frequent auto transmission check-ups ensure that your car is well maintained and it is one of the best ways of giving your car additional care. Having the gearbox or transmission in good shape provides safety when driving. Every car owner needs to have a gearbox that responds effectively regardless of the speed. Good transmission will keep in your in equilibrium. A good transmission service includes additional services that cater for both manual and auto transmission. It mainly involves replacement of either the transmission fluid or filter.

In case of fluid replacement, the auto technician will drain the present transmission fluid and clean the transmission before replacing it with a new fluid. If your car needs a filter replacement, the old filter will be replaced with a new one, which is reinforced by gaskets to improve the transmission.

Check tyre pressure and fluids regularly

This is a task that takes less than ten minutes. With the engine cool and a rag in hand, open the hood to remove the oil dipstick. Wipe it, reinsert it and pull it out to check the level of your oil, which is the most important auto engine fluid. Then check the reservoir level of radiator overflow as well as the brake cylinder reservoir and the power steering fluid level. While at it, be sure to check the belts and hoses for any signs of imminent failure or tear.

Start the car and check the level of the transmission fluid once the engine it warms up. Finalise this check by confirming if the tyres have the proper psi as indicated in the auto manual. You should perform the fluid check apart from tyre check-up which you should do at least once per week.


Maintain a healthy electrical system

The electrical system of your car is very important, and so is being informed about its performance capabilities. If left unchecked, a dead or weak battery can easily wreak other system parts such as the starter and the alternator. Don’t delay to have your car checked up by a professional auto electrician in Christchurch when you see any signs of your car battery acting up.

Some of the signs that may indicate that your auto battery or the electrical system needs attention include: the car failing to start, the interior or dashboard lights not lighting up, dim headlights when driving at low speed, a slow engine crank, appearance of the check engine light, low battery fluid level, bloated or swollen battery case and battery leakage. The electrical system of your car undergoes wear and tear just like other parts on your car. Your properly care for it by following these useful tips:
Replacement after every 4-5 years: Most car batteries have a lifespan of 4-5 years. If you aren’t sure when to replace the battery, you can have the team at ProTect Auto test the battery for you.

Regular cleaning and inspection of the battery and cables: It is not hard to notice the corrosion that forms on the battery cables and posts. It is the white-crusty stuff. By checking your car battery for this corrosion at least once every month you will improve the lifespan of your vehicle. If you find any corrosion remove the battery terminals and clean the posts using a wire brush and removal fluid or a mixture of baking soda and water. Rinse with clean water and reconnect the terminals, starting with the positive side first.

Don’t hesitate to see our auto repair and maintenance professionals in Christchurch if you suspect anything wrong with your auto electrical systems or any other part of your car. ProTect Auto are the professionals to help you diagnose the issue and have it fixed before it causes other problems. We offer auto repair and maintenance services for customers throughout the Canterbury area and we are proud to be the best auto repair and auto electricians in Christchurch.

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